Shopfloor Engage®

The world's first shop floor social media employee advocacy platform.

Empower your shop floor colleagues to become your #ShopfloorHeroes and provide exceptional customer engagement in each of your locations.

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What does Shopfloor Engage do?

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Welcome New Followers

Start every customer conversation with a warm welcome from the shop floor

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View Mentions

Respond quickly to customers looking for your expert help

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Engage effortlessly with customers privately through direct messagaing

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Create an Offer

Broadcast an instore offer to local followers from the store Twitter account

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Create News Update

Keep local followers up to date with events and news happening in store today

Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience

Customers can now talk effortlessly with experts on the shop floor about stock enquiries, opening times, in store events and even have products reserved for them.

This is more convenient for the customer than trying to get through on the telephone to their local store.

Shop floor colleagues can work more productively by having multiple conversations with customers through messaging, when the store is not as busy.

With Shopfloor Engage® your shop floor colleagues can offer real time expert advice and encourage the customer to come into the store and become #ShopfloorHeroes.

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Rewarding Shopfloor Colleagues with Points

You can reward your shop floor colleagues with points for engaging with customers via social messaging.

The points system we've created can be customised to your own in house rewards and recognition programme.

By motivating shop floor colleagues to reach out and talk to their local customers via social messaging, you are able to create a highly productive and engaging workforce in every location in every town where you operate.

You can also create league tables and promotional double point moments for the seasonal promotions and trade pulses of your business.

Dashboard / Control for Head Office

There is a command and control dashboard for the Social Media Manager / Head office role.

From here you can:

  • Approve Tweets and Responses
  • Setup up points and score responses
  • Setup new shop floor colleagues who you want authorise
  • Monitor Compliance to brand guidelines
  • Run reports and insights for stores or company regions
  • Add store social media accounts and profiles
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Our Case Study

In June 2015 we trained the first shop floor colleague within the Hobbycraft stores in the UK. Within 90 days we so an uplift in sales, store footfall and an improvement in colleague productivity.

In 2016, we rolled out store social media to the whole country across 93 stores.

In 2019, Hobbycraft shop floor colleagues have had 250,000 shop floor conversations using social messaging and its growing at a faster rate as customers love to engage with shop floor colleagues with what they are crafting at home.

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About Social Retail Group

Social Retail Group was founded in 2008 by former Waitrose Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Pete Doyle.

He could see that localizing and socializing the retail operations was the key to creating a competitive advantage for retailers struggling with new pureplay ecommerce competition.

10 years on and 1.2m tweets later, Social Retail Group are pleased to build the world�s first shop floor social messaging employee advocacy platform called Shopfloor Engage®

For more information on the Social Retail Group, please visit their website

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